Joey Mawson

Joey Mawson

Twice VIC Open title winner


One of the best two karters in Australia and possesses a very bright future indeed.  A twice National Karting Champion in 2010 and a five-time State Title winner.  Joey has already tested a Formula Ford looks certain to be a star of the future.

On being accepted into the Fujitsu “Cool” Driver Program

“When I opened the email I thought I had probably missed out, but then I read it and I was just overwhelmed that I’d been chosen to be part of the Fujitsu “Cool” Driver Program … I just couldn’t believe it and nor could my Dad.  I just had so many emotions going through my head.  It’s an unbelievable opportunity and I am proud to be one of the seven karters who’ve been selected.”

Up Close & Personal

Age: 15

DOB: March 27, 1996

Place of Birth: Camperdown, NSW

Currently Reside: Hinchinbrook, NSW

Family: Mum: Bertha, Dad: Troy

Work: Student

Hobbies: Rock Climbing                        

I stay in shape by: Doing a lot of mixed fitness

Favourite TV Show: Top Gear

Favourite Actors: Will Ferrell & Rob Schneider

Favourite Movie: Talladega Nights

Favourite Holiday Spot: Surfers Paradise                                           

Favourite Meal: Lasagne

Favourite Drink: Red Bull & Monster energy drinks

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Number: 96                  

Racing Hero: Ayrton Senna           

Favourite Circuit: Raleigh Raceway           

Favourite Race: The AKA Nationals

Memorable Racing Achievement: Starting from last (27th) at the Dubbo Pro Tour and coming through and winning

Best Advice Ever Given: Never give up

Worst Advice Ever Given: Nothing I can recall

Best Part of Racing: The speed & adrenaline rush                    

Worst Part of Racing: Sitting behind another competitor who is slower than you and blocking, when there are many laps left to go, and while the leader you want to chase is pulling away

What I Admire Most in Others: Passion and commitment

How I Prepare for a Race: Visualise myself going around the track

Why Motor Racing: I have a big passion for all motorsport                                              

Do You Collect Anything: Christian jewellery

What Drives You Crazy: Cheaters

Biggest Supporter: My family

Dream Car: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Dream Job: Professional racing car driver           

Biggest Thrill in Life: My first test in a Formula Ford       

Nickname: Joey

Superstitions: I never put my helmet on the ground

My Idea of a Good Weekend: Winning

Favourite Thing to Read: Motorsport magazines and websites

Favourite Sunday Breakfast: Bacon & Eggs

Person You Would Like to Meet: Michael Schumacher

School Attended: Good Samaritan Catholic College

School Is: Boring, and still is!

What You Would Like More Of: Races

My Motto Is: Never, ever give up!

Significance of Helmet Design: Unique and bright

In Five Years Time I want: to be driving a V8 Supercar or Formula One